Blind Faith

Author: Joe Mc Ginnis
Blind Faith
Genre: True Crime
Number of Pages: 464
Geographical Setting: New Jersey

This is a true crime story and a gripping tale – the kind you keep telling yourself “no, no,” even while knowing indeed that a cruel and unjustifiable criminal act has occurred or about to happen.

Rob Marshall a New Jersey socialite on a night out with his beautiful wife gets hit in the head and sustains an injury. On waking up, he discovers his wife has been shot dead in the front of the car leaving behind their three teenage sons to mourn her.

An investigation ensues, the most important thing for the boys is justice for their mom. But as the facts gradually unravel, Rob Marshall’s three teenage sons soon begin to question their faith in their dad’s honesty. Could their own dad, a well-respected member of the society and a man they all looked up to have a hand in their mom’s death?
This is a page turner and would keep you wanting to know what actually happened.

I got a lot of goose bumps and knots in the stomach while reading this story – Have you read anything like this before ?


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