Eat, Pray, Love

Author– Elizabeth Gilbert
– Eat Pray Love
Genre – Memoir
: Feb 2006
Number of Pages: 352
Geographical Setting
: USA, Italy, India, Indonesia

Okay – This book came out and was wildly embraced by a lot of women. However, as a huge thriller reader who enjoys heart thumping suspense, I was one of those who would stick up their nose at books that are so methodically paced and with such a title as – “eat pray love”. I refused to read this book. However, Oprah endorsed it, and later the movie came out starring Julia Roberts creating more buzz for the book – eventually I said “what the heck, let’s see what this book is about”. And lo and behold – I found this piece of work so entertaining, I couldn’t put it down!

Eat Pray Love – A story of one woman off on a pilgrimage to learn about three aspects of her nature.  She visits three countries in 180 days – 60 days in each country – Italy, India and Indonesia.

Elizabeth Gilbert tells a compelling story about a certain period in her life. She engages the reader right from the beginning with the story of her unhappy marriage. Though this was such a miserable period for her, yet she writes with so much lightheartedness while poking fun at herself that you are drawn to her. She ends her marriage, moves out and abandons her career to travel to Europe to learn more about herself set against the back drop of these three countries.

Gilbert’s writing is persuasive and takes the reader along as she makes her first stop in Italy where she explores The Art of Pleasure. She indulges in great dinning and general relaxation and offers detailed descriptions of the foods and wine – really getting the reader salivating!

On getting to India where she explores The Art of Devotion, the tone gets a little subdued. In India she tries to make a connection with her spirituality by visiting Ashrams where she learns a lot of prayers and the practice of Yoga. Over there she develops a strong relationship with her Guru while searching for peace of mind & Heart.

Lastly, the island of Bali in Indonesia where she looks for balance between the two places gets a such a vivid and appealing description that you might actually long to visit – but luckily for her she found more than a balance…she found love!

What I appreciate mostly about the book is – her language choice which is very intelligent, witty and funny – even though the book is prose-like, it doesn’t read like one. It is enthralling and captivating. She is able to draw the reader in where they almost feel like they are on the trip with her.

Another great thing about the book is that it is not just a travel book, but it is very informative, and educational. You learn about the people, the culture and the food. The book also comes with recipes – really handy for food lovers.

Generally, this book offers you – a great story about hope after divorce, a different take on taking out some time for yourself – if you can afford it – and lastly, seeking a connection with your spirituality – irrespective of your religion. Did I mention this is a laugh out loud book? This book will appeal to memoir lovers, and has a good insight for those who are interested in other cultures and people.

For more info, please check a reading map that I created on this book – I promise, you’d love it 🙂


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