Behind The Facade

“Katherine Pearson is happy with her life. She has a successful, doting father, a rewarding job and is soon to be married to a man who adores her. When she is kidnapped by an Irish terrorist, her world is destroyed. Years later, she still suffers from disturbing flashbacks and an inability to form new relationships. When she meets the enigmatic American, Michael Hunter, she believes she may have finally found love again. However, can you ever really know what is beneath the surface? Her new-found peace of mind is shattered as the reasons for her kidnap are revealed and dangerous secrets come to light, linking her father to murder and sexual exploitation.” ~ Blurb from Amazon

My Take:
I really enjoyed reading this book! This debut novel written by two sisters is loaded with intrigues and suspense. The first couple pages are captivating and has a lot of action, but the middle part seemed a little like the story ran out of steam. But that didn’t stop my excitement for what I thought was great story.

Katherine’s character is presented as a sad and edgy young woman who is nursing some inner issues. As the story goes on, the authors release bits and pieces of information to keep you interested as you keep reading but not enough to explain entirely what’s going on. The plot is layered and the story goes back and forth between the present and the past. This made me stop a couple of times to reread some parts in order to make sure which time period is being discussed. Apart from that, it is overall an enjoyable book to read. As you read on you discover other interesting plot threads that would keep pulling you in, this strategy created so much anticipation in mind that I couldn’t wait to get to the end.

While Katherine is a troubled young lady, I find her character endearing. In the story, she enters into a complicated relationship, while still distressed from a past event. This decision kept me wondering “what” could have happened to Katherine in the past. This smart strategy forces the reader to feel for Katherine and at the same time hope for the best for her.

Even though the ending was a nice surprise, there was quite some rigmarole and unnecessary details leading to the wrap up. That not withstanding, Behind The Facade is a fascinating piece of work that I would hate to spoil it by going deep into the plot. I love the human trafficking angle and how it shines light on what goes on behind the scene. If you love mysteries with complicated plots and surprise ending, then you’d have fun with this plot which flows similar to opening a can of worms with a lot of twists and turns!

I purchased a Kindle copy of this book during a recent give-away for – I think $1.99 – not a bad deal…

Author – Rebecca and Victoria Heap
Genre – Mystery
Publication Date – Jul 28, 2013
Pages – 304

About The Authors:

Our names are Victoria Bracegirdle and Rebecca Bentley. We are twin sisters and we live in Bolton, a multi-faceted and friendly town in Lancashire, UK. Our maiden name is Heap so this is what we have used as our pen name. We can’t say if we are identical or fraternal twins as no-one, least of all our parents, seems able to agree on this. It doesn’t matter to us. What matters is our mutual love of reading and literature and our symbiotic relationship, which has facilitated the inception and creation of our first novel… Heap


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