Book review: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

Besides wanting to share with everyone, I’m reblogging this as a reminder to myself to read this book later – Enjoy!

Watch This Space

It’s time. Time for me to finally review one of the biggest books to come into the young adult genre in recent memory. There’s already a movie coming out and, let’s be honest, everyone and their mother has read this book by now. But that’s not going to stop me from getting in my two cents! Not even the fact that TFIOS (as it is so lovingly acronymed) has already been reviewed on my blog by Samantha can stop me. So, here goes.

A review of

The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green


Published by Dutton Books, 2012.

Rating: 8/10

What’s it about?

Teenager Hazel Grace is dying, maybe not right away, but she knows that eventually her crap lungs are going to betray her. She spends all of her time trying to minimize the amount of hurt she inflicts upon the world, but one day, at Cancer Kid…

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