Welcome to my blog!
I am a librarian, a reader and a writer. My interests generally lie in mystery and thriller novels but I’ve recently started to appreciate other genres and have expanded my reading scope to include almost everything…

Feel free to explore and leave a comment – I’d really appreciate it!

Have Fun!!


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice site. Have you thought about reading and reviewing less well known authors? Since you already have a review site set up, I’m sure that you would be accepted by NetGalley.com. You can request books there and then the publishers approve you for the books that you request. They only do ebooks, so you have to have something that can read epubs or a kindle. You also could try edelweiss.com. I’ve gotten many interesting books from both sites. If you aren’t a member of GoodReads, you should join. They have a more random method of picking people to receive books in their FirstReads program, but the publishers send you physical books, so that is kind of nice. I enjoy getting those Advance Reader Copies. Nearly all of the books that I reviewed on Bill’s Book Reviews came from one of these sites.

  2. Hi Vera. Thanks for stopping by Equinoxio. And liking Foglines. Come back any time. Take care.

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